Silk and curlings ribbons in every colour imaginable

We have many different ribbons in a wide variety of colors, patterns, materials and sizes. Our selection includes colored ribbons, ribbons with patterns, metallic ribbons, silk ribbons, and elastic ribbons.

If you are not sure which ribbon is right for you, or if our standard range does not meet your needs, you are more than welcome to contact us. We are always ready to help you find the perfect ribbon for your company.

Ribbons for gift wrapping and decoration

The curling and silk ribbons are manufactured from a durable material with a high tensile strength. The curling ribbon is easy to curl but can also be used for bows.

We have ribbons for all occasions and seasons. To reduce the costs our gift ribbons are delivered in economical rolls with up to 250 meters of ribbon per roll.

Ribbons with name and/or logo

We can design and develop a unique curling or silk ribbon that matches your needs. This presents a great opportunity to create more personalized packaging that highlights your company. We can make gift ribbons in many every colors and materials. Plain or with name or logo.

Poly ribbon – classic gift ribbon

Poly ribbons are classic ribbons with a shiny surface that reflects the light. The ribbon is very versatile – use it in gift wrapping, for gift baskets, balloons, decorations, and as a decorative detail on carrier bag handles. Our standard range includes many different poly ribbons in soft, bright and pretty colors. Choose from black, white, yellow, blue, red, turquoise, purple, gold, silver and more, or combine colors to create your own personal look.
Our standard range includes over 20 different poly ribbons in soft, bright, pretty and eye-catching colours. Choose from black, white, yellow, blue, red, turquoise, purple, gold, silver and more, or combine colours to create your own personal look. You can also browse our wide range of wrapping paper and our gift wrapping accessories.

Ribbon with beautiful curls

Our poly ribbon is 10 mm wide with a good stiffness, making it a gift ribbon that creates a great volume and which is easily curled into voluminous, long-lasting curls. Poly ribbon is not suitable for tying bows. You can use a ribbon splitter to split the poly ribbon up into thin, fine strands, creating extra volume and giving the present a more elegant and festive look.
We deliver our poly ribbon in 250 metre rolls. This is to guarantee the lowest possible purchase price and to minimise the need to switch rolls. Poly ribbon is therefore a great choice if you have a bustling business with a high demand for gift wrapping for your customers, staff or business partners.

Custom-made poly ribbon with logo

We can custom-make poly ribbons in a variety of colors. There is also the option of having ribbons printed with your required text. A custom-made poly ribbon that matches your company is a cheap way to build extra brand awareness.